Sunday, October 31, 2010

Turkey: "The end of Youtube Ban"

Youtube serves as the top video streaming website all over the world. Every one of us, especially those who are fond of making videos, find the website as a way of sharing thoughts through videos of course. However, some people violate this privilege of sharing videos by uploading inappropriate things, such as violence, false news reports and the like. As a result, some countries banned the website for such improper use. These countries are Iran, UAE, Morocco, Thailand, Turkey, and many more. See list of countries that banned Youtube.

In May 2008, Turkey banned the access to Youtube because some videos insulted their founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, which was against their law. After which the government have been communicating with Google (owner of Youtube), to make amends for those uploaded videos. Google then made such changes, and the said videos were removed. Now, after two years of banning Youtube, Turkey finally decided to end the prohibition to access Youtube to their country.

What have we learned from this? There’s always freedom to express yourself, through any means you wanted. However, there are limits to where such expression goes.

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