Saturday, January 7, 2012

Samsung wins, HTC loses

Samsung phone sales increased to 73 percent from its 2010 sales, while HTC decreased to 26 percent. Now, that’s a big leap from Samsung, considering HTC smartphones were a trend, following Apple’s iPhone, just a year ago. But thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone and Galaxy Tab, the company is now having an increased profit and definitely higher sales this year. (source here)

This only proves that users change their preferences; from a more good looking phone to a more usable phone. HTC phones are better known for their great phone designs, and touch sense UI, which users prefer first before looking into the actual features of a phone. On the other hand, Samsung phones prefer not to focus more on the phone design – just a black and silver combination with some buttons, but more on to the usability – from speed to simple UI design.  

Whether design or usability, still both companies create top notch smartphones that can compete with Apple’s iPhone. Maybe HTC should have fix underlying issues with their smartphones (as I have searched through forums, some users complain about their HTC handsets), in order to win over Samsung this year. 

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