Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Gadgets and more!

2011 ended just a few hours ago, and here I am, thinking of a topic to blog. Then, I thought of searching for upcoming gadgets this 2012. Gadgets come and go, but still we buy them – for bragging purposes perhaps? We’re not getting tired of spending too much money to buy new stuff. We don’t get satisfied with just one device, we want them all! So here’s a list of gadgets to look forward to this 2012:

1. Apple Devices

The company looks forward to create their own television from its Apple TV, which is a streaming device. They are engaging strategies on how to apply the technology from their successful devices into an actual television; perhaps a voice-command tv?
After the success of the Ipads and Iphones, the company is planning to have an upgrade (yet again). The upgrade would probably involve a larger screen, faster processor (quad core), lighter weight, and 4G capacity.

2. Wii U

The motion-controlled console game Wii will upgrade its motion controller into a small handheld-console like controller. It includes a touch screen display, with its usual Wii control buttons – which looks like a tablet with buttons. With this, you can play a game, even without the TV display. The upgrade also includes HD and 3D support.

3. Playstation Vita

The franchise has revealed their new addition during Sony’s E3 2011 press conference, the Playstation Vita, which is formerly named NGP (Next Generation Portable). The new console comes with a 5-inch multi touch screen, 2 analog sticks, touch-sensitive pads – which works like a laptop track pad, Bluetooth support, and social networking support – Facebook, Twitter, etc. They’ve also updated the processor into a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MP Core processor, and RAM of 512 MB. The camera will have face detection. There are a lot of new features to the new console, but will it be successful than the first PS?

4. Windows 8

Yes! We’ll be experiencing a new Windows OS this 2012, the Windows 8. Because of the demand for apps these days, Windows will launch its own app store – but I bet it will still be the same with what Apple has. Another thing, Windows will add its security features and a change in the user interface. They will also have a USB reboot feature called ‘Windows To Go’, which allows the user to reboot the OS from a USB device. (click here for details)

5. Android 4.0

Android will have a lot of promising updates with its Android 4.0 or Android Ice Cream Sandwich. That is from the user interface to the camera. There’s too much to say about the changes so I’ll just give you a link here.

6. Ultra Thin Netbooks and Laptops

Computer companies are now planning to have their own MacBook Air like laptops – that is the ultrathin feature. Hope these attempts would not fail. :D

That’s about it! I know there are still a lot of updates to the recent gadgets that we have now, but there are certain similarities to these ‘updates’ or ‘upgrades’. Similarities include having a quad-core processor, HD and 3D capabilities, simple yet vivid user interfaces, light weighed, thinner devices, more user friendly experiences – voice prompts, multi-touch, apps and MORE APPS! Let's just wait for the release!


robert duran said...

In these gadgets many would love to have these since I guess it has a beautiful features which users will enjoy in using it.Moreover these gadgets should be handled with care in order for it to lasts like the computers and or laptops which can be placed neatly in different size computer cabinet .

Anonymous said...

Agree, many laptops manufacturers now built macbook air looks like machines, and some of them are better though, even more affordable.

I have a new notebook, it's a hp pavilion-chromebook 14-c010us, it's ultrabook type it works better than my old Mac.


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