Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going Android!

Yes! I’m going Android next month, but first I have to buy an Android phone (lol). I was never into the Android craze before, because I’m satisfied with my Ipod Touch (which is not an Android powered device). But I’m getting tired of jailbreaks; it makes me nervous every time I have to do so with my Ipod Touch, just to enjoy all of the apps – that’s just half the effort right? Android devices do not need jailbreaks, you just have to wait for upgrades of your device and you can have apps similar to Apple apps (some of them are free).

Another thing, I just want to have one device for all of my entertainment needs – music, apps, games and messaging. And buying an Iphone would probably satisfy these needs, but definitely won’t satisfy my pocket. So an Android phone will – there are a lot of these that are just right for the budget. And the last reason? My phone is too big and heavy, I want to get rid of it! >:)

So, Hello Android! Bye Nokia Symbian!

1 comment:

Sell Old Electronics said...

That sure makes an Android phone wanted, jailbreaking sure is a tiring thing and annoying sometimes.

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